Based in Dubai and London, Anthony is open to local and international commercial collaborations. His work has featured in magazines such as Timeout, Black & White Minimalist Magazine, Outdoor Photography, Practical Photography, Royal Photographic Journal, ND Magazine, LEMAG, Photo eYe Magazine, Airgate to name a few. Anthony's commercial clients include International brands such as LG Electronics, EMAAR, ADGM, Al Tamimi & Co, BAT, B&B Italia, Thomson Reuters, Swarovski, Refinitiv, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Gartner, DWF Law, Olderbar Brown, Refinitiv, Park Hyatt and he  is represented globally by a selection of fine art galleries and is an Ambassador for the British Photography Awards.


Anthony's photography is based on a minimalist approach which aims to reduce distraction by eliminating objects that sit outside the main subject. By using negative space in his photography, he intends to draw the eye into the main focus of the photograph. This simplicity opens the door to self-interpretation and mood, similar to that of abstract art and makes the photograph that little more intimate. Anthony says, 'I’ve always tried to incorporate stillness, seclusion and silence in my work and these elements reflect back at the viewer, drawing your interest deeper into the story of the image.' He has an infatuation with water and open space, so you will see this appearing in many of his photographs and Anthony is also interested in capturing less recognisable locations to add more intrigue to the composition. 'I love overcast / flat light conditions, because this offers the ethereal aesthetic that I look for and reduces the contrast in the shadows. Don't get me wrong, I love scenes with high contrast lines and soft fading coloured light, it just goes against my style and edit which tends to follow an almost pastel expression'. Anthony's work focuses on environmental concerns, in particular climate change which is already having a noticeable effect on many global locations.


2019 - ARTIMAGE preview Sale, Rio, Brazil

2019 - ABUP - Sao Paulo Expo, Brazil

2019 - ABIMAD - Sao Paulo Expo, Brazil

2018 - Artimage & Formas Coloridas - Summer Preview - Brazil

2017 - 'Inner Worlds' - September 11th - The Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi. UAE

2017 - LG Signature - The Art of Essence' - Dubai Opera House

2017 - 'Reflective Lands' - New York, A Vision for Dubai' - Park Hyatt, Abu Dhabi

2017 - 'Reflective Lands' - April 20th - Citizen E Art Gallery, Dubai Design District, Dubai. UAE

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